Registers and Training Groups

Registers  : 

Club Sessions

Pool Sessions

Winter Program



Training Groups

Paddlers will be promoted as they reach the next level.

Squad : Competing in Premier or Division 1 in 2023

Aimee Cameron, Claire Wilson, Ellen Peden, Hannah Toovey,

Leah Cameron, Olivia Wears, Sophie Cameron

Alex Thomson, Arthur Jacques, James Brown, Michael Brown,

Murray Robb, Ryan Mallon, Vito Pezzaioli,

Junior 2 : Competing in Division 2 in 2023

Ross Claydon, Aidan Thacker, Callum McDonald, Ruaridh Fowler,

Jack Toovey, Alistair McDonald, Alastair Thacker

Adeline Humphrey, Emma McDonald,  Esme Price, Francesca Main

Junior 1 : Competing in Division 3 in 2023

Ben Hewines, Gregor Thomas, Kayden Mitchell,

Nathan Harris, Ross Linning, Thomas Muir

Bethany Thacker, Caelan Kerr, Hannah Cadell

Isla Phillips, Karly Leeson, Zooey Main

Paddlepower+      Competing in Division 4 in 2023

Aaron Lightbody, Archie Lightbody, Dan Whyte,

Daniel Muir, Dylan Bell

Chloe Stubley, Ellie Doyle, Iona Caffrey,

Kalina Lu-CzArtorjska,  Nadzieja Lu-CzArtorjska

Paddle power : Entry level classes

This includes all new paddlers who haven’t competed yet


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