Registers, Fees and Training Groups

Registers (incorporating Covid Screening Checklist) Please complete the register for all attendees before starting each session.  

Training Groups

Paddlers will be promoted as they reach the next level.

Squad : Competing in Premier or Division 1 in 2021

Catie, Claire, Ellen, Leah, Rebecca, Olivia

Jack K,  James, Matthew C, Murray, Ross F, Ryan, Vito

Junior 2 : Competing in Division 2 in 2021

Aimee, Hannah

Alex, Arthur, Logan, Ross C

Junior 1 : Competing in Division 3 in 2021

Adeline, Emma, Esme,  Francesca, Sophie

Aidan, Alistair McD, Alistair T, Callum McD, Gregor J,  Mattie, Ruaridh, Jack

Paddlepower+      Competing in Division 4 in 2021

Bethany, Caelan, Zooey, Isla

Julian, Gucio, Gethan, Archie, Sam, Matthew L, Ross L

Paddle power : Entry level classes

All paddlers who have just started are in the paddle power group.

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