Slalom Kit

Club Kit

The club have CR CATS hoodies, T-shirts, soft shell jackets, bags and water bottles.

Hiko Kit

Our club members, Davy and Teresa Dickson have a Canoeing shop selling Hiko Slalom kit.  They are based in Linlithgow but are happy to bring kit to training and events for paddlers to try sizes.  They offer a discount for club paddlers.


The club have various boats that paddlers are welcome to use – these include all the kayaks for new paddlers as well as C1 and C2 boats that all paddlers can use.

The club also have some  JEM Racing Vortex and Spitfire boats that can be leased.

Boat Weight Letter
Vortex 45 kg A
Spitfire 45 kg B
Spitfire 45 kg C
Vortex 50 kg D
Spitfire 50 kg E
Vortex 50 kg F
Vortex 55 kg G
Spitfire 55 kg H
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