Doodle Polls, Registers and Calendar

Club Activities

There are beginner classes running on during the autumn term – see separate page.


Tuesday class 5:15 – 6:30 for Paddlepower, J1 and J2

Tuesday class 6:30 – 7:45 for Squad and J2+ invites


Please indicate which Pinkston sessions you plan to attend using the doodle polls at the bottom of this page.


Subject to sufficient interest, Sunday classes at Alva will run during September.  Please indicate if you would like to attend using the CR CATS Autumn doodle poll –


There are improvers blocks of lessons for those who started in the summer of 2019.  Please see separate Autumn  Canoeing classes page for more information.

Paddlers in Division 2 and above are eligible to train with Central Squads – see separate Central Squads page for more information.


Please complete the registers for each CR CATS held.  If you are not sure whether a register has been done, please do one anyway.  2 registers are better than none!

CR CATS register :      

CR CATS new start register :


CR CATS Calendars

If you have a gmail account, you can also use this gmail link

HPP GB Slots                      :  GBlink



Paddlers will usually be invoiced monthly in arrears for each session they attended.

Please click on link to see fees due for January to August.

CR CATS Fees CR CATS Fees 2019

Pinkston Training

To join in with the CR CATS Pinkston sessions on a Thursday on a regular basis, you need to be a full or associate member of CR CATS.


The session cost per paddler is Water £6 and coaching £2.  These sessions are run to break even for the water fees.  We, therefore, need about 12 people to cover the pump costs for an hour and about 18 people to cover the pump cost for 1.5 hours.


The standard Session Time is 18:30 – 20:00.   The reduced Session Time is 19:00 – 20:00.  The latest session times will be shown in the blurb at the top of each doodle poll.  We will try to send out an e-mail if the time changes.

Doodle polls

Withdrawals and charges

Please can you let us know by e-mailing if you find yourselves unable to attend due to illness/other commitments.

Notice                                                      Charge

more than 7 days notice or ill               no charge
between 2 and 7 days notice                may be charged
less than 2 days notice or no-show   always charged


Priority and Waiting List

To ensure the quality of the training session, if classes are oversubscribed (more than 13 for 1 hour and more than 18 for 1.5 hours), a waiting list will apply.   All paddlers will be notified if we have a waiting list so that if spaces are cancelled, those on the waiting list can get a space.

Group                                              Priority

Regular CR CATS paddlers           1

Adhoc CR CATS paddlers             2

Regular other paddlers                 3

Ad hoc other paddlers                  4


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