CR Cats 2018 Program

To find out what classes and camps are on and when, please look at

Those without a gmail account :  google calendar

Those with a gmail account : link


Paddle power                                Entry level classes

Paddlepower+ Paddlers who have started competing in Division 4 in 2018
Junior 1 Competing in Division 3 in 2018
Junior 2 Competing in Division 2  in 2018
Squad Competing in Division 1 in 2018 or ready to train at Pinkston

The Groups at June 2018 are as follows. Paddlers will be moved between groups as they are ready.

Squad : James, Murray, Ryan, Jonny H, Ross, Jack,
Ellen, Jonny D, Vito, Michael B, Ben
Junior 2 : Claire, Leah, Olivia, Hannah,
Cameron, Arthur, Ross, Kyle,Thomas, Matthew
Junior 1 : Emma, Aimee, Esme
Aidan, Robert, Calum K, Callum McD, Charlie
Paddlepower+ Adeline, Ross M, Gregor, Alistair T, Alistair McD, Angus



Classes at Alva cost £5 per hour. Camps usually cost £10 per day. If boat transport is required for camps, there is also a one off boat transport fee of £5.
All paddling equipment is provided by the club.



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