For Paddlers and Parents

Talent Parent webinar programme

England Canoeing have created an excellent webinar program link

  • Being a Parent or Carer in Elite Sport
  • The role of parents in supporting children and young people in sport
  • How parents can prepare and support talented young athletes

British Canoeing Online Coaching Community of Practice

There is a British Canoeing Awarding Body digital library, with various useful information.

Sports Nutrition for Young athletes

Here is the presentation that Joanne did – Nutrition Basics (athlete version)

SportScotland Performance Nutrition fact sheet –  link-file1539269828

Winter Health sheet – link

A really useful book to supplement Joanne’s talk and notes is : “Feeding the Young Athlete” by Cynthia Lair.  It’s designed for young athletes and sets out some detail as well as clear infographics on do’s and don’ts  – which are useful for the athlete as well as the parent! – link

Role Models

Whether you like it or not, if you are a paddler, you are also a role model.

If you are a Prem/Div 1 paddler you are an important role model to the lower divisions.

If you are a Scottish Performance Squad paddler you are a key role model to the rest of the paddlers in the sport.

Younger paddlers look up to you.   They want to follow in your footsteps.

The specific footsteps they want to follow happen to be on the water but what you do off the water also matters.

You can influence them in a positive or negative way. So try to make it positive.

Part of your duty as a role model is just to be a good sport.

  1. Don’t get angry when something does not go your way
  2. Win with grace.
  3. Lose with an equal amount of grace.
  4. Be nice to and help other paddlers
  5. Contribute to your sport

If you do this for the young kids watching you, you are already giving back to the community. However, you can do more.

Volunteering at races in Scotland will show the younger paddlers the importance of giving back. And if their role model is doing it, they will be more likely to want to do it.

CR CATS coaches actively encourage all our paddlers to be good role models so that there can be a sport for the next generation.

Canoeing Results Archive

Take a look at this fantastic Canoeing Results Archive, it has been created to collate and capture British Canoeing competition history from the 1960s to 2012. There is a searchable End of Year results database for all disciplines, Slalom event calendars linked to selected results, Slalom Year Books from 1966 to 2017 and some paddler profiles for British Team paddlers. 


Alva site – utilities

Please see below for maps for power lines, gas and water at the Alva site.

Alva site – Power_Lines_33211-1

Alva site – Gas_15584822_SGN-1

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