All equipment is provided i.e. boats (kayaks and Canadian canoes), paddles, helmets, buoyancy aids and spraydecks. As the children progress and decide that they want to compete regularly, they are expected to start buying their own equipment. However, there will always be club equipment that can be borrowed when required.

Club Site

CR Cats owns the Club Site based on the River Devon between Fishcross and Alva and use it for training all year round. The site has basic changing rooms, boat storage and ample parking. The river has some moving water and is a safe environment for learning basic white water skills. There are flood lights to enable training to continue in the winter months.

Canoe Slalom

Our club specialises in the Olympic Sport of Canoe Slalom. As well as teaching children all the basic white water skills, we will also teach them slalom skills and they will have the opportunity to race in slalom competitions.
The club holds a couple of competitions at Alva each year in June and September.


The club is aimed at children aged 8 upwards and their families in Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire or Falkirk District. Members from further afield are also welcome.
Membership fees for 2016 for juniors and students is £20 per year with a family membership costing £35.
Weekly training costs are £5 per hour.


CR Cats Canoe Club was formed over 30 years ago, in 1985, by Johnny Brown. Johnny, the head coach for many years, had worked as a maths teacher at Wallace High School and had run the school Canoe Club in the early 80s.
In those days, the canoes were made of fibre glass and the paddles made of wood, so you didn’t start canoeing until about 14 as the kit was too heavy.
Nowadays, the materials have improved and paddles and boats are made of kevlar carbon which are much lighter. This has enabled kids to start canoeing from aged 8 upwards.
Janet Peck joined us in June 2015 as a dedicated coach to expand the club and enable more kids to try canoeing. The club has been very fortunate to receive a grant from SportScotland through the Direct Club Investment scheme to enable the club to employ Janet as a part time coach.

Famous Club Members

Campbell Walsh, Fiona Pennie and Craig Brown who started paddling with CR Cats in the 1980s and 1990s have represented GB at the Olympics. Campbell Walsh won a silver medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004.
We also have some more recent members who have made the GB Junior team in the last couple of years namely Bradley Forbes-Cryans (K1M), Sophie Ogilvie (C1W), Isla Kelly (C1W), Rachel Houston (C1W), Rebecca Ogilvie (K1W), Andrew Houston (C2), Michael Brown (C2), Aiden Waters (C2) and Aidan McAleenan (C2).
Bradley Forbes-Cryans (21) has now made the GB Senior Team.

How to Contact us

Website: Our club site can be found at www.CRCATS.org
Facebook: We also have a facebook page CR Cats where we post information and results. Which can be accessed here.
E-mail: CRCatsCoach@gmail.com
Other Websites: www.Canoeslalom.co.uk This will give you all sorts of information about the sport, where and when events are and all the national rankings for paddlers racing in Canoe Slalom
















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